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Business presentations are usually a big deal. Some more than others. A promotion, looking good in front of the boss, landing the big client, you name it.

When called to the podium, many people ask around for random advice about giving a speech or try and find some quick information online. We highly recommend you take a more structured approach to the occasion.

Join us here in Pspeak to prepare. You’ll learn all you need to know about giving business presentations, including how to present to an audience and how to write a great speech. Then you’ll have the chance to practice your speech with other Pspeak members, live, online before the real deal.

Check out the sample video below and other links for more information.

Speaking for Business

Business presentations are one of the most important arenas of public speaking. This series of modules will help you learn the finer points related to giving a business presentation. Part 1 of 4.

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Public Speaking Anxiety

You’ll find everything you need to know about public speaking anxiety in this section, including powerful information to help you overcome it.

Public Speaking Presentation Skills

When it comes time to give your speech, you'll need to understand tempo, body language, connecting with your audience, and other valuable public speaking skills.

Public Speaking Situations

This section includes helpful information on some of the more common situations people are called to present in such as wedding toasts, presentations for business or school, and much more.

Sample Speeches

Learning by watching others can help significantly when it comes to public speaking. Here are sample speeches with commentary specifically related to the Pspeak learning material.

Getting Started with Public Speaking

The old saying "Every great journey starts with a single step" is true for public speaking. This section shows you where to begin in your journey to becoming a capable, confident speaker.

Get Ready to Practice

This section will help prepare you for your live, online speech practice sessions so you and other members you practice with get the maximum benefit.