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Becoming a truly capable, confident speaker takes a lot of steps. Manageable steps, but steps nonetheless. The more you take, the better you get. So while we’re guessing you probably want the whole iceberg, not just the tip, we’ll get you started below with some free public speaking tips for the time being.

Tip #1:

Have a clearly defined goal for your presentation. Know what you want the audience to get out of your speech. For instance, if it’s a wedding toast, do you want them to laugh, to cry, or both? For business, are you trying to land an account, impress the boss, or manage people? Be clear on your goal. Then choose words, messages, a presentation style, and other aspects to your presentation which help you achieve your goals.

Tip #2:

Give your speech because you WANT to. Giving a speech when you don’t want to can be rough, to say the least. Find a reason. Consider your goal. Is your goal meaningful enough to YOU to make you want to give your presentation? If not, rethink things. While the speech may not actually be for or about you, or you may not have chosen to give the presentation, there must be something positive in it to help change your mindset. Keep considering things until you’ve found a reason. If necessary, ask someone you trust to help you look at the situation differently. When you’re armed with a powerful motivator to give your presentation it will be better than you may have thought possible.

Tip #3:

Closely related to setting a goal, find subjects for your speech that you are passionate about. If you’re accepting an award and feel awkward about talking about yourself, talk instead about the industry you got it in if you’re passionate about it. If you’re speaking in school, pick a topic you enjoy. If it’s a business presentation that you have to give, find something in it that really resonates with you. Giving a speech on a passionate topic is far easier and effective than speaking on a topic you don’t seem to care about.

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