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Pspeak Personal Coaching

In addition to the powerful tools found in Pspeak for learning, practicing, and presenting to an audience, personal coaching will take your presentations skills to even higher levels! One-on-one sessions with a Pspeak certified coach will help you in many ways including:

  • Discuss your public speaking goals

  • Get help identifying the areas in which you need to focus

  • Practice one-on-one with your coach to build confidence and skills

  • Your coach can attend your practice sessions with Pspeak members to give you feedback and advice

  • Discuss your progress here in Pspeak and in the real world!


Public speaking seminars often cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. At $49 per half hour, Pspeak Personal Coaches may be the best value in public speaking education after Pspeak itself! Buy time in 5 hour blocks and receive a 25% discount.

One half hour session
of Pspeak Personal



Five one-hour sessions
of Pspeak Personal

$375SAVE 25%


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