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Goals - Part 1 of 2

Several times during the long, exciting journey that led to the creation of Pspeak, we found ourselves asking a very important question: Where is the best place for someone to  start on the path to becoming a capable, comfortable, public speaker?

It didn’t take us long to find the right answer:

Establishing goals.

We recognize that establishing goals might not be what you were expecting. In fact, if asked for a first, most important step, many of the public speaking pros out there would say things like “don’t make eye contact with the audience” or the ubiquitous “picture the audience in their underwear” gimmick.

Our philosophy is that identifying a positive, long term goal as your first step is far more important than starting with techniques that only impact part of the entire process. Having clearly defined goals in life is incredibly important and will greatly impact what we actually achieve.  Setting goals with public speaking is no different.

So, let’s begin with your goals in mind!

Identifying your current goals

Because you’re here, you have at least one goal in mind. What are your unique reasons for being here at this moment? (You answered some questions in the assessment about your goals and this is where we’re going to expand on and clarify your responses.)

Make a quick list. Write down your main goal or goals related to public speaking. When you’re ready, read on!


End of Part 1 of 2