Online Public Speaking

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How to Use Pspeak: Introduction to how the Live Practice Area works

Welcome to the “Speak! Live! NOW! area! Here you’ll participate in live public speaking practice sessions in which you and other Pspeak members will practice and hone your presentation skills and provide each other with valuable feedback!

In order for you and all members to have a positive, enjoyable and productive experience each time you’re here, it’s very important that everyone understand how it all works. As you might imagine, getting people together to practice public speaking could get a little confusing or complicated if there weren’t specific guidelines! We’ll explain everything as briefly as possible to get you in your first meeting in no time at all!

Learn before you practice!

First, we highly recommend that ALL Pspeak members sufficiently access the learning materials found in Pspeak PRIOR to entering a practice meeting for the first time. This will not only help the majority of presenters be more comfortable and skilled from their first meeting onwards, but it will also help everyone be capable of providing helpful, valid feedback. The best place to learn everything you need to know is to either follow the Rapid Learning Area or the Learning Path from beginning to end.

Prepare a presentation

Next, before you enter a practice session you should have a presentation ready to give to the group IF you plan on presenting. Your spoken presentation should either be about 3 minutes long in total or you can have a longer presentation that you will only present 3 minutes at a time of. If you do have a longer presentation, mark three minute sections ahead of time.

Get set up ahead of time!

Next, BEFORE you enter a practice session PLEASE make sure your microphone and webcam are hooked up and working. You can test this prior to entering an actual Pspeak meeting – just look for the big icons for testing audio and your webcam in the middle of your screen when a meeting is about to start. This is very important! It takes up valuable practice time if members need to make on the spot equipment adjustments. Also, please make sure there’s a decent amount of light on you so other members can see you and be aware of what’s going on in your background. If there are items you don’t want members to see move them ahead of time and please be aware of distractions entering your background during a meeting.

Types of Practice Sessions

There are two kinds of practice sessions, public and private. Private sessions, also known as private meetings, are by invitation only. These private meetings take place whenever you and other specific Pspeak members you are going to meet with online schedule them for.

Public meetings are very similar to private meetings once you are in the meeting, but WHO you practice with and WHEN you practice are key differences. Public meetings don’t require you to invite specific Pspeak members. You can practice with any other members who happen to be available when you want to practice. And since Pspeak members are from a wide variety of time zones and walks of life, public meetings can be available virtually anytime.

When you are ready to practice your presentation with others, decide whether you want to use a public meeting or a private meeting. If you happen to have specific Pspeak members you want to invite to meet with at a certain time, great! Just schedule a meeting and invite them. If you don’t want to invite specific members and/or you want to jump into a meeting as quickly as possible, a public meeting is probably what you want. Next we’ll cover more details about public and private meetings separately.