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How to Use Pspeak - Live Practice Area: Accessing Public Meetings

Accessing Public Meetings

When you want to practice your presentation in a public meeting there are several options.

The best first step is to look for an EXISTING meeting in the “public events” box on the home page of your very own Pspeak meeting area. There may be a meeting already in progress that you can join or there may be an upcoming meeting that you can register for!

If there aren’t any public meetings listed in the public events box that means none are in progress at that time or none are currently scheduled. If that’s the case you can elect to start your own public meeting for others to attend! More on starting a public meeting in a moment.

If there is more than one public meeting showing as available, consider the start time under each. If it’s a future meeting just check your schedule against the start time and see if the time works for you. If it does, just register for it and attend at the indicated time!

If you’re looking for a meeting to enter right away and you see public meetings in progress, you should click on the link for the NEWEST meeting, which is usually the TOP meeting on the list. By entering the newest meeting you will increase the chances that the meeting will just be getting underway and other members will have the time to hear you practice your presentation. Joining an older meeting may mean that the session is wrapping up. This isn’t always the case, but joining a newer public meeting tends to be better than joining an older one so we recommend you follow this practice.

Here’s another very important point: Each practice meeting is limited to attendance by six Pspeak members to give everyone a chance to present. As such, you may or may not be able to register for or enter a public meeting depending on whether there is room to join. When you click on a meeting link, if there IS room to join you’ll automatically be directed into that session. By the way, PLEASE enter quietly as a practice presentation may be in progress!