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How to Use Pspeak - Live Practice Area: Creating your own Public or Private meeting

Creating Your Own Meeting

To create your own public meeting that will appear in the public events area for other Pspeak members to see, simply click “New Meeting” in the “My Meetings” area of your Pspeak meeting home page. That will launch a meeting details box.

In this box you’ll select a start time, you can invite specific Pspeak members, and you can even place a meeting title. For a practice session it’s usually best to title the meeting “Practice” although you can put something specific up if you feel it’s necessary. Keep in mind that people will decide whether to join your meeting in part based on the meeting title and the vast majority of members will be simply looking for “practice”.

Here’s another very important note about starting your own meeting: If you want to make your meeting public, you’ll need to set it as a public meeting when you create it.

By doing this your meeting will show up in the “public events” box for other members to see and join! If you don’t set it as public, only you and those you send invitations to will know the meeting exists.

By the way, you might be wondering if you can both invite others AND make a meeting public. The answer is yes! Just keep in mind that the maximum number of attendees to any meeting is 6 whether by invitation or by public-entry.

As to WHEN others will join your public meeting, we can’t tell you exactly when this will happen if you’re trying to start a meeting immediately as opposed to at a future time. It is quite possible others will jump in if you start a meeting immediately. It depends on who happens to be online in the Pspeak community and who is looking to practice with others at a given moment.

Private Meetings

Private meetings are by invitation only as opposed to public meetings. If you have a private meeting coming up it will appear in the “My Meetings” area of your custom Pspeak meeting home page. Simply click on the link and entry into the meeting will begin.

If you want to START a private meeting, click “New Meeting” in the “My Meetings” area of your Pspeak meeting home page. You will be prompted to enter details such as meeting name, meeting date and time, and email addresses for those you wish to invite. You will also be able to select whether the meeting is private for those you invite only, or public so the entire Pspeak community can see and access your meeting. You should only start or schedule a private meeting without making it public if you have others you plan on inviting since the general Pspeak community will not see the meeting otherwise.