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How to Use Pspeak - Live Practice Area: Who's in Charge?

Who’s in Charge?

You might be wondering who’s in charge during a meeting. The answer is everyone! The majority of meetings should be governed collectively by the GROUP. We cannot overstress the importance of this. Keep in mind we are using the power of the web to connect individuals, so EVERYONE is important. This means every member in attendance should have a say in things like who goes next or any questions or decisions that arise. Common sense should prevail! If an individual wants to try and lead the group when it seems necessary or appropriate that’s fine, as long as the group accepts the leadership role. A member shouldn’t act like “the boss” unless the group says it’s ok!

That said, the web conferencing tool we use for Pspeak allows the meeting creator – the person who started the meeting – some extra capability as moderator. This basically means they can turn certain functions on or off such as webcams, audio, and so on. We considered making everyone the moderator so no one had supreme authority, if you will, and we also considered making no one the moderator. In the end we decided to let the meeting creator have that status because someone has to have access to certain functions and having everyone as moderator might get a little overwhelming.

Therefore, if you are the moderator because you started a meeting, your role is basically the same as everyone else’ role with two exceptions: One, if there is someone in the meeting who cannot be seen or heard for some reason, please make sure their microphone and webcam are enabled. They may have gotten turned off accidentally for some reason considering that all webcams and mics are enabled when every meeting starts.

Two, there’s a VERY useful feature for members to practice public speaking here in Pspeak. Any attendee with a webcam can be promoted to the main window so that all attendees can see them larger than any other webcam window. This is PERFECT for practicing being in front of an audience! The member with moderator status has the ability to promote any attendee to the “front of the room”. Of course, that attendee’s webcam needs to be on which the attendee controls. So if an attendee doesn’t WANT to be in the front of the room or visible they can simply turn off their webcam.

If you are the meeting moderator because you started a meeting, please make sure webcams and microphones stay turned on for everyone else and promote the speaker to the front of the room so they can have “center stage”!