Online Public Speaking

Training & Practice

Introduction to the Learning Modules

Before you get started, we’d like to explain how the system works. There are many aspects to learning how to present to an audience effectively. We’ve created clear, concise modules for each aspect.

Each module consists of a video and matching text article, with the exception of How to Write a Great Presentation, which is in text form only. 

The modules are presented in a specific sequence. Following them in order will build the skills and knowledge you need to become a capable, confident speaker.  

At first glance some of the modules might seem unexpected to you. For example, we lead off with a module on setting goals related to public speaking. We then follow with one on understanding motivations. Don’t worry!  You’ll soon see how all this information comes together.

On a related note, many people find their way to Pspeak because they are experiencing some form of stress when it comes to giving presentations to an audience. This is a common and perfectly normal reaction for most people, and we’re here to help.

Solving for the challenges of speaking in public usually takes a few related steps. For example, learning HOW to present to an audience is hugely important since doing virtually anything in life can be stressful without the right information. For another example, practice really does make perfect. Expecting to be confident about doing something without sufficient practice is usually unrealistic.

Because it can take a few different steps to resolve speech related anxiety, our method is to give you ALL of those steps, not just a “quick fix”.  Instead of just showing you an article about fear of public speaking right away, we’re going to ask you to follow our process and watch that anxiety melt away.

Therefore, whether you are experiencing some form of speech related anxiety or not, rest assured that the information you’re about to go through was created and is being presented with building overall public speaking skills AND building confidence in mind.  And it works!

Now, it’s time to begin your journey to becoming a more capable and confident public speaker!