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Jim Carrey Award Acceptance Speech

Considered by some to be one of the funniest film actors of all time, this speech by Carrey is about as good of a reference as one will find for a speech that uses humor, but it also contains unexpectedly thought provoking, moving words and ideas. This speech has numerous reference points for a variety of public speaking skills such as use of body language, great writing skills, a unique perspective, and more.Copy and paste this link to check it out:

Pspeak observations:

Acknowledgments: Carrey demonstrates heartfelt and abundant appreciation throughout the presentation.

Establishing goals and establishing a passionate subject and motivation for giving the presentation: Carrey’s motivation at a glance early on for giving this presentation appears to be making others laugh, which is not surprising given what he does for a living. His deeper motivations, to enlighten the audience and to endear himself to them, soon become evident.

Sharing a unique perspective with the audience: To say that Carrey shares a unique perspective with the audience is an understatement. He gets very deep and personal, often saying things that the audience is not only caught off guard by but things that are so profound that a murmur goes through the audience prior to their spontaneous applause.

How to present: Carrey uses his signature over-the-top energy and many facial expressions and voices from his vast professional repertoire while giving a well-spoken, fluid, engaging presentation.

Using humor: Carries uses humor abundantly and to great effect. The audience laughs genuinely and often, as does Mr. Carrey himself, who seems to be having a great time.

Length: Probably perfect. If this presentation was much longer the audience may have tired (although not Mr. Carrey, who seems to have had limitless energy), however, if it was much shorter Mr. Carrey wouldn’t have had time to express all that he did.

Was the presentation a success? Mr. Carry is a polarizing figure. People either seem to love him or hate him as an actor, which may come into play when one determines whether this was a success. However, it’s hard to say this presentation was anything other than a major success since Mr. Carrey delivered moving thoughts and ideas, made his audience laugh, received rousing applause, and clearly enjoyed giving the presentation.

Compare this speech to: For a speech with a lot less energy and poor attempts at humor that resulted in the audience not getting as much out of the speech, see Amy Poehler’s commencement address at Harvard here.