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Jennifer Gabrielli Maid of Honor Speech

This effective speech is delivered with a unique twist: The Maid of Honor raps and dances! Copy and paste this link to check it out:

Synopsis: In one of the more unusual Maid of Honor speeches we’ve come across, Jennifer delivers a unique, outstanding, well received presentation with a twist: Instead of speaking, she raps!

Writing: Jennifer’s “speech” isn’t short, and it could have become tedious to the audience had it not been for the excellent writing. (In other words, if she was just repeating something like “congrats on your wedding” the audience would have grown tired of it.) Her lyrics and speech endear the audience as much as the music and Jennifer’s performance do.

Body language: Jennifer moves about quite a bit during her presentation, dancing and covering a lot of her stage. This has a major impact on the success of her delivery.

Understanding the audience: Jennifer clearly understands the audience and the occasion. She was given the honor of sharing her views of the bride and groom and the occasion with the audience and she took the task seriously. She not only connects with the audience but she also greatly contributes to the festive nature of the occasion.

Was the presentation a success?  Absolutely. It’s easy to see that the crowd present the day Jennifer gave her speech loved it. She also happened to garner millions of YouTube views and her speech was even reported by many national news sources!