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Best Man Speech for Seth and Jillian

A good example of a funny wedding toast.Copy and paste this link to check it out:


Synopsis: This presentation is a good example of using humor in a wedding toast.


Writing: It wasn't the most cleverly written presentation ever, however the presenter finds material that lends authenticity to his jokes and then uses the same material to spin off a surprise ending.


Presentation style: The presenter genuinely seems to be having a good time and to find what he is saying funny. This helps make his presentation that much more effective. In fact, without this clear immersion in the subject the presentation might not have gone over as well as his words were not that funny.


Notable: This presenter almost entirely avoided the use of standard wedding toast clichés. Note he avoids platitudes like “I hope you have the best life ever” and so on. It could be said that he should have thrown in a couple of those comments towards the end but at least he sounded unique, and it’s doubtful anyone would have complained as his intentions were clear.


Was the presentation a success?  We think so. The audience seemed to enjoy it and laugh quite a bit, and the bride and groom clearly did also.