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Tom Fletcher Wedding Speech

One of our favorite wedding "speeches" of all time. This wonderful presentation utilizes a very unusual method of presentation: singing. Copy and paste this link to check it out:

Synopsis: Instead of only speaking, Mr. Fletcher performs a series of songs to express how he feels to members of the audience and his new wife. While it may not be possible for everyone to sing as well as Mr. Fletcher, it's a great reminder to all to find the words to truly express the feelings that underscore the occasion, and to consider finding a truly unique way to express those words. 

Writing: Mr. Fletcher went to great lengths to find effective combinations of words to adequately express his emotions for the occasion through his songs. The songs build in emotional intensity, culminating in one final song that has the most impact. This use of great writing delivered through song is an excellent example of expansive, creative thinking about the occasion at hand.

The music can't be overlooked, either. It's clear that a significant time investment was made to develop the tunes to the songs and to rehearse the performance.

Use of props: Mr. Fletcher’s lyrics are displayed prominently on a screen for all to see to ensure his message is clear. While people aren’t “props”, it’s also worth noting he also utilized a backup chorus to heighten the impact of his words and songs. Both techniques are particularly effective.

Notable: It should be pointed out that Mr. Fletcher’s words, sung and spoken, come across as incredibly sincere. As discussed in other Pspeak content, sincerity can have a tremendous impact on public speaking.  

Was the presentation a success?  Resoundingly so. The audience is clearly moved to tears, laughter and applause. The video also received over ten million views on YouTube, and is even emotionally moving to watch via the web!