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Funny Best Man Speech

This hilarious speech is a great example of using humor to make a wedding toast fun, but being careful of not going too far. Copy and paste this link to check it out:

Synopsis: This speech is a great reference for using humor in a wedding toast; however it’s also a good example of being careful about not going too far with attempts at humor.

Writing: The speaker tells some good jokes, but also comes dangerously close to being “TMI” – too much information.

Was the speech a success? It depends on what the goal of the speech was. The audience and bride and groom laughed often, and it’s unlikely anyone will forget this speech anytime soon, so if the goal was to make people laugh and create a bit of a shock then it was successful. However, if the speaker didn’t intend to make the bride and groom squirm out of fear of what he might say, then it might not have been successful to some extent. Since the groom seemed to know what he was getting himself into when selecting this Best Man, and because the presenter was quite confident and funny in his delivery and clearly stated some kind words towards the groom at the end it was probably a success.

Noteworthy:  This speech apparently took place in a part of the world known for a good sense of humor and a dry wit. Therefore the type of humor used, including poking fun at the groom was probably expected and deemed normal. However, know your audience. The same presentation to a different audience could backfire. For example, if the audience was more stoic and expected only serious accolades to the bride and the groom, and/or if this presenter wasn't so naturally funny, this approach could have been disastrous.