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Michael Horvath Wedding Toast

A solid wedding speech using the "standard" format of delivery (spoken without props, videos, singing, etc). Copy and paste this link to check it out:

Synopsis: This solid wedding toast is a good example of a “standard” speech (no props, videos, singing, etc) and a good example of using humor.

Sharing a unique perspective with the audience:  Mr. Horvath points out that his title is “best man”, yet he is not the central figure on the day, the groom is. He eloquently defers the title “best man” to the groom and refers to himself as the “pretty good man”. This serves several functions. First, it enlightens the audience by sharing a viewpoint they likely hadn’t thought of, which feels good to the audience. Next, it makes him seem clever for noticing the play on words. Next, it endears him to the audience. Last, (“but not least”) it honors the bride and groom by openly stating that this day is theirs above all. It’s a smart move!

Writing:  Mr. Horvath does a good job of finding a few endearing, harmless stories to share with the audience. He doesn’t get wordy or complicated, but he does find a few nice points to move the audience.

Use of humor: Mr. Horvath makes a particular point of cracking jokes to make the audience laugh and liven up the mood. While he still shares some heartfelt sentiments, being funny was clearly his primary goal, which is not only acceptable but appreciated at events of this type. People want to have a good time!

Length:  At around 4 minutes, Mr. Horvath’s speech is technically a bit on the shorter side, however it doesn’t feel too short. This is likely due to the nice balance he strikes between humor, sentiment, and making the necessary remarks about thanking people, honoring the occasion, and more.

Was the presentation a success?  Absolutely. Mr. Horvath’s speech is a perfect example of not needing to sing, dance, or even write a novel to properly honor the subjects and the occasion. Simply choosing meaningful words, touching on all the expected points, and using a sincere delivery can get the job done!