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Maid of Honor Speech

This solid wedding toast is a solid example of a "standard" wedding speech (no props, videos, singing, etc.) Copy and paste this link to check it out:

Synopsis: This solid wedding toast is another good example of a “standard” speech (no props, videos, singing, etc).

Writing:  The presenter uses “laughter” and the “unpredictability of life” among other themes to enhance her presentation. Her presentation contains some well-written passages such as “the unexpected smile and the flutter of the heart”.

Presentation:  The presenter demonstrates ample confidence and sincerity. She speaks very clearly at a volume perfect for the room, which commands attention. She is overcome with emotion momentarily which serves to endear her to the audience and send a clear message that she means what she is saying.

To read, or not to read:  This is an area the presenter could have improved upon. The presenter reads a bit too often and her papers are a bit too obvious. Try to keep your written format to notes only, if possible, not an entire written out speech; in any event use smaller note cards and keep them in the least obvious position possible.

Length:  At around 6 minutes the speech is a perfect length. It doesn’t feel too long or too short.

Was the presentation a success?  Yes. Although it didn’t leave the audience in stitches or sobbing into handkerchiefs, it covered the bases and was well received.