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"Love Story" Maid of Honor Speech

"Love story". This delightful speech-turned-into-song is a wonderful example of taking the "standard" speech to the next level, even without professional skills. Copy and paste this link to check it out:

Synopsis:  This “Love Story” Matron of Honor speech is a great example of taking a “standard” speech to the next level, despite not having professional skills to do so. 

Writing:  The presenter does a great job writing a warm speech that leads into a fun, heartfelt song.

Presentation:  The presenter makes a valiant effort in singing her “Love Story” despite not having professional skills and despite being a bit nervous. It’s remarkable how she just powers through it in honor of the bride and groom. 

To read, or not to read:  This presenter keeps notes with her which she refers to initially, however she looks up often and stops reading altogether once her song starts. 

Length:  At around 7 minutes this presentation is the perfect length. It’s also nicely balanced between her spoken words and her song which keeps it moving.

Was the presentation a success?  Absolutely. The bride and groom are obviously grateful for her efforts, and the audience is clearly impressed with her courage. They all appear to enjoy the song and lyrics as well.