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Speech Related Anxiety

Pspeak offers a well developed series of full length modules that cover many aspects of public speaking anxiety. If you feel you might benefit from it, please check them out. If you don’t have time to do that, or if you’re not sure whether this might be an issue for you, we’ll include a few quick things now.    First, please understand that feeling somewhat anxious about giving a presentation is perfectly normal! Almost EVERYONE feels “nerves” to some extent, even celebrities and public speaking pros, believe it or not!    Second, you are actually better off feeling a bit of extra adrenaline, which is how the body responds to anxiety in many situations. That extra energy is actually very useful for your presentation!  After all, you wouldn’t want to feel flat or unenergetic during your next speech, would you?   Lastly for now, we can’t overemphasize that building public speaking skills, finding passionate subjects and words, and practicing your speech with others are GREAT ways to overcome the fear of public speaking! When you follow all of the steps here in Pspeak you will very likely have nothing to worry about!