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Use the Right Motivations

The next step is having the right MOTIVATIONS for giving your next speech. You should WANT to give it! If someone or a situation is FORCING you to give a presentation that you don’t want to give, your speech may not be as enjoyable and effective as it will be if you are really excited about it. It may even become an unpleasant experience, and we want to avoid that at all costs! 

We can’t overstate the HUGE difference between walking to the front of a room out of CHOICE versus walking to the front of the room unwillingly.      

If you are already giving your presentation because you WANT to, great! If you aren’t, consider all aspects of the situation by looking at it more broadly.

Are you honoring someone with your words? If so, focus on how great it is to be the one that job was entrusted to.

If you are speaking for school, instead of looking at the presentation as an “I have to do this” task, think of it as something you’re doing to build skills that you can take with you for life!   

No matter what the situation, find something of true value in it, and you may, magically, find yourself wanting to give the presentation.