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Break Through Comfort Zones

It’s important to understand how comfort zones may affect public speaking. Clear, worthwhile goals, the right motivations, and passionate subjects are sometimes met with a feeling of unexpected reluctance.

There’s a reason for this. Most people don’t speak in front of an audience on a regular basis, so the idea of doing so makes us uncomfortable. Public speaking is a break from routine comfort zones.  

The good news, however, is that once you have experience, it gets easier. This is no different than many other things in life. Driving a car or riding a bike may have seemed difficult early on; then it got easy. The first day of school was scary but within no time, new friends were made.    

Getting up in front of an audience is very similar! So if, when it comes to your presentation, you feel uncomfortable with the idea at first, the key is to understand that this is your mind playing tricks on you.  You simply haven’t had enough experience yet to prevent those uncomfortable feelings.

Trust that once you have that experience you’ll get used to it, even if it’s little by little. Almost all successful speakers were nervous or uncomfortable at first, but they eventually overcame those feelings and learned to enjoy delivering their message to an audience.  Don’t let comfort zones stand in your way of giving a presentation!