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How to Write an Effective Presentation

Many people struggle with “what to say” when writing a presentation. It doesn’t have to be that hard!

First, consider the occasion. What about it is meaningful or special to you? What is meaningful or special about it to the audience? Write some ideas down.

Next, look at those ideas and try to find the story in them that will relate to your audience. Think in terms of an introduction, middle, and conclusion to your story. Start creating a rough draft.

Next, choose words that suit the occasion to fill in the sections. Find something unique to say that the audience may not have thought of. Consider using stories and humor if the occasion calls for it. Use words that will be especially meaningful to your audience – and you!  

Next, write your presentation to be the appropriate length when spoken, which you can check by reading it aloud.  Also, have someone you trust read or listen to your presentation to get their input.

If you’re still stuck after these pointers, we offer a full length module on this topic. Also consider watching some sample speeches here in Pspeak to find inspiration and ideas.