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Now that we talked about the right mindset for approaching a best man speech, let’s get more specific about the event, the timing, and the setting.

As you may know, the wedding toasts come towards the beginning of the reception. The host of the event, usually a DJ or a band member, will introduce the members of the wedding party and then the bride and groom. Shortly thereafter, the “toast” will be given.  This is how it usually happens in the United States. If you’re in another country it may be different so check ahead of time.

By the way, the act of “toasting” itself is an ancient ritual with some unusual reasons behind it. In the old days, people would literally put a piece of toast in their wine to soak up extra acidity, since wine wasn’t as refined as it is now, and to make good use of a stale piece of bread. Go figure. Then they’d “give the toast” to someone special.

Of course, these “toasts” were often given during celebratory feasts. Since food was, and still is in some cases, hard to come by, people felt very festive when there was plenty to go around. Toasting became part of the way to show the joy in the occasion.

Now here you are in the 21st century getting ready to give your own version of the toast, probably during a huge celebratory feast!

When it’s your turn to do so, the host will invite you and the Maid of Honor to stand up together, and then he’ll usually ask who wants to go first. Sort this out with the Maid of Honor ahead of time.

Next up in your quest to give the best Best Man speech ever: we’ll discuss your audience.