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Connecting With The Audience

One of the most critical steps in giving a great best man speech is to know your audience. By doing so, you can choose the right words and themes for your speech.

Even though YOU are being given the microphone, it’s not “your” day. Yes, you’re an important part of it, but the day belongs to the bride and groom, so THEY are your most important audience members.  Both of them.

When you’re choosing what to say, consider first what they would like to hear. Your goal should be to make your words especially appropriate and meaningful to them. We’ll say it again: both the bride and the groom.

We’ve seen speeches where the Best Man  said things they thought were funny, and they may have been hilarious in a bar or a locker room, but they were NOT funny to the bride, or her parents, or approximately half of the audience.

For instance, jokes about old girlfriends or boyfriends are off limits at this time, in this place. We encourage you to use humor but stay away from anything that might make people feel awkward or worse, hurt their feelings.

Considering your audience is also a great way to find the right subject and words for your speech that will be meaningful to others. Think about both the bride and the groom, and what they mean to others who will be present in the room.

For example, if he’s a radiologist and she’s a nurse, you could talk about how amazing it is that they both work to help keep people healthy and now they’re committed to being there for one another for the long haul. That heartfelt insight would surely resonate with the audience.

Whatever the case may be, find the right words by considering your audience. Prioritize making others enjoy the speech, and don’t risk hurting any feelings. This will help make your speech a memorable highlight of one of the most important days of your friend’s life.