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Picking a Passionate Subject

Now it’s time to choose a subject that resonates with you, and to carve out your unique perspective. As we discuss at length in other training modules, the MOST powerful thing you can ever do when giving a speech is to choose a subject that really means a lot to you. It will help your words and ideas flow like nothing else.

To do this, start by thinking about your relationship with the newlyweds. Think about the best aspects of the relationships you have with them. Find something about which you feel strongly positive.

Or, think about your experiences over the years with them. Find a time or an event that is particularly meaningful, perhaps having gone to school together. If you’re still not sure, as we mentioned earlier think about what the bride and groom mean to others. You may find a topic there that moves you.

Once you have identified your passionate subject, it’s time to find your own, unique perspective  to share with the audience. By perspective we mean a way of looking at things. Finding a unique angle can be particularly effective at weddings for one simple reason: Most people have an idea of what is going to be said during the speeches, and it can be boring if the speech sounds like every other one the audience has heard.

To find a unique perspective, think about your words as the catalyst that compels the audience to see the bride and groom’s history, affection for one another, etc., in a way that they may not have previously considered.  Having something to say to the audience that they didn’t expect or think of is a great way to make your speech a home run.

To do this, stop and think. What about this day is special that may not be so obvious? You don’t want to say “today is special because Matt and Rachel are getting married”. Someone in the back may shout “no kidding!” Well, maybe not but they’ll probably think it. If you share something not so obvious but important it can have a positive, memorable impact.

For example, a delay that occurred in getting to this day since Matthew was deployed overseas, or Theresa wanted to finish her masters first, or any other unique-to-them aspect. When you have a unique perspective, you can say something like “I was thinking about what today really means. It finally hit me that today is really about celebrating Matthew and Theresa, and how their level of devotion to one another was so strong  that they wouldn’t let thousands of miles hold them apart.  And yet, at the same time, they trusted each other enough to avoid rushing into things, and built their careers first, knowing that they’d still be there for one another.”

With your strong subject and unique perspective in mind, you’ll find that the words you choose will resonate with the audience. Feel it? You’re building knowledge and power already. You’ve got this.