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Time to Practice

You are now armed with a lot of valuable information about writing and giving a great best man speech. There’s one more step to take so you can really nail it. Head to our live practice area and practice giving your speech. Here are a few things you should know before you do.

First, please rest assured that the community of people practicing their speeches in Pspeak is made up of people just like you. If you’re new to public speaking, so are many of them. If you’re nervous about public speaking, many of these people have or had anxiety about speaking in public as well. You’ll fit right in no matter where you are in this process, you’ll benefit from working with like-minded people, and you’ll be helping others on their journeys as well!!

Second, if there’s anything you feel you need to work on more before you practice, feel free to go back now and do so. Practice when you’re ready.

Third, if you know your stuff but are still feeling nervous, feel free to check out our articles on public speaking anxiety in the Research Area. That said, if you went through all of the content already, we believe you are probably a lot more ready than you think you are!

And finally, please read the rules of the live practice area when you get there for the first time.  We’ve created an environment where people can express themselves while learning, improving and helping each other.  We want to ensure that continues.

Congratulations on making it to this point! Enjoy!