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What to expect during the Maid of Honor speech

Let’s get more specific about the event, the timing, and the setting. Odds are you’re already familiar but just in case you’re not we’ll touch on a few points because knowing what to expect is important.

Wedding toasts come towards the beginning of the reception, though it’s a good idea to confirm the sequence before your event.  Knowing the sequence  will calm and prepare you better. The host of the event, usually a DJ or a band member, will introduce the members of the wedding party, and then the bride and groom. Shortly thereafter, the toasts will be given.

By the way, the act of “toasting” itself is a very old ritual with some unusual reasons behind it. In the old days, people would literally put a piece of toast in their wine to both soak up extra acidity, since wine back then wasn’t as refined as it is now, and to make good use of a stale piece of bread since wasting food was far less common in those days.

As for giving the toast to someone special, people have always seen eating and drinking as a special moment, mainly because  food wasn’t so easy to get in the old days, and an abundance of good will and happiness and congratulating one another was inevitable when there was a bounty. It’s said that the ritual often included given a special person the glass of wine with the toast in it. Now here you are in the 21st century getting ready to give your own version of the toast. You don’t have to offer the bride and groom a glass of wine with a hunk of stale bread sticking out of it, but at least you’re on your way to knowing what you should do.

When it’s time for speeches, the host will invite you and the Best Man to stand up together and will ask who wants to go first. Decide that with the Best Man ahead of time.

As you start to give your speech, most eyes in the room will be on you, but don’t expect everyone to pay full attention, or to be entirely sober, or to keep entirely quiet. These events are usually  fun and people are letting loose, so it won’t be like giving a presentation to business people or classmates. If you’re prepared and you’re good, you’ll have an engaged, interactive audience.

Next up we’ll discuss your audience.