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Control Part 2 of 2

Changing your reason to an intrinsic “I am doing this for ME” attitude is a way to maintain control. Simply put, the entire process of speaking in public becomes easier and more self-satisfying when you want to do it.

“Hold on a minute”, you might be saying, “I DO NOT want to do this! I can’t just snap my fingers and change that.”

We don’t blame you for feeling this way. We’ve been there too. But there are techniques to improve your sense of being in control of why you are giving your next presentation.

The single, most powerful and effective method is to make sure your motivation for giving your presentation is intrinsic. If you want to do something for intrinsically satisfying reasons, you’ll likely feel more in control of being there in the first place! We really can’t overstate this.

Think back to the ways we discussed making things more intrinsically satisfying to you in our motivations section. Whatever the event you have coming up, ask yourself what you truly like about the situation or the subject. Find something you actually care about.

If it’s a class, think about your future and what becoming a great public speaker will mean to you. If it’s for work, think about what getting a promotion or completing the task successfully will mean to you.

If you really think about it, you’ll probably have no trouble shifting your focus from “I am doing this for someone else” to “I am doing this for ME”, and then you’ll feel a greater sense of control, which will give you the freedom to enjoy it.   

Then, the entire process will be more productive and more enjoyable. And THAT is a feeling of being in control that really counts.

Before we move on, we should note that being in control is FAR easier when you’re fully prepared for what you are doing. Follow all of the steps of learning to speak in public, prepare and practice, and you’ll probably never have to feel out of control in the first place.