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Control Part 1 of 2

Many books on public speaking talk about “control”. Control your breathing, control what you say, try to control the audience, and so on. Those are important things, but they’re not the most important when it comes to “control”.


Research shows that most people want one key thing more than almost anything else: control over their lives. People want to know they will have food to eat, a roof over their heads, they want to know that they’ll be safe and healthy, and that their loved ones will be safe and healthy, too.


They want things to go well. They want the outcomes of their lives to be predictable and under control. And just what does this have to do with public speaking?


If you’re being forced into a public speaking task you don’t want to perform, there’s not a lot of control in that.


When we do things because we want to, we’re in control, or at least we usually think we are. Choice equals power. The same thing holds true for public speaking.


Therefore, if one of the most important things to people of all walks of life is lost when we do things that take control away from us, why approach public speaking in a way that creates that sense of loss of control if we don’t have to?


Ironically, most people don’t speak in public voluntarily. We wait until we are given the task, whether we’re a student with an assignment, a maid of honor asked to give a toast, an award recipient, or any one of hundreds of other situations where we’re suddenly called into action.


The majority of people are not speaking in public because they want to, therefore there is a strong sense of being out of control. THIS is one of the reasons why public speaking is among the top three fears we face as human beings!


End of Part 1 of 2