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To be good at almost anything in life, you need to be passionate about it. The more passionate you are, the better you can become at it.


We need to be truly passionate about something to get totally immersed in it, to set grand goals related to it, to be highly motivated by it, and to want to break out of our comfort zones for it. If we’re not passionate, it can create the opposite problem. People rarely excel at things they don’t truly like to do. Finding something you are passionate about may make all the difference in your life.


We don’t need to explain to you what being passionate about something means. We’ve all felt passionate about something, whether it was a love interest, a book or a movie, going on a vacation, a fun new job, a new car, or simply a sunny day.


Now, let’s go back to the types of motivators we covered in our Motivations module. When it comes to finding intrinsic motivators, the best kinds come from things we’re passionate  about.


For example, working at a job or career that you love can make all the difference getting out of bed in the morning. There’s even an ancient Chinese proverb for it: “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”


It’s certainly easier to get intrinsically motivated, break through comfort zones, and set goals about anything that you’re passionate about, especially career wise.


But wait, this is a public speaking site. So how DOES all of this relate to public speaking?


If you are passionate about the subject of your next presentation, and you use that passion to help you choose the right words, to help you break through comfort zones that might be holding you back, and to energize you to speak with genuine enthusiasm, you are almost guaranteed to deliver an effective presentation.

We’ll revisit the role of passion in public speaking again shortly. For now, let’s keep the idea of passion in mind as we work towards developing intrinsically rewarding goals.


In fact, by now we hope that your attitude towards public speaking in general is already shifting towards an intrinsic approach!