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Find YOUR Passionate Subject!

Let's imagine you are heading into your next presentation. What will you say? How will you be heard? Will you be someone who stands there and talks, or someone who has something to say?


Remember, if you feel something, if you love something, if you hate something, if you have a strong level of emotion for something – which is passion – then you are more  likely to be heard when you speak.


Take a moment and really think about your next presentation, whether it’s going to be out in the “brick and mortar” world or here on Pspeak in our Live Practice Area.


Follow these steps:


1)      Write down your broad topic. Are you passionate about the subject in general?


2)      If so, ask yourself what you’re passionate about when it comes to your subject.


If you are already boiling over with passion for your next presentation and you know specifically what it is that you are passionate about, then head back to the Skill Building Area now.  Note that we’ll talk about how to specifically infuse passion into what you say in our Writing a Presentation area.


If you aren’t passionate about your topic, let’s figure out how you can be. There must be something about your topic that fires you up. Consider:


1)      If the topic has been handed to you and seems boring, such as a business or school requirement, or if it’s about someone in whom you’re not particularly interested, broaden your thoughts to include all aspects of the subject, the situation, or the person. Is there anything that you admire or find interesting? Better yet, is there anything you feel strongly about (preferably in a good way)?


2)      If you have chosen your own topic and aren’t passionate about it, can you change it to a subject about which you are more passionate? If not, the same questions above apply. There has to be something you can find of real interest.


If you absolutely cannot find something that emotionally moves you, and you can’t or don’t want to change your topic, try asking someone you respect if they can think of anything interesting or exciting or noteworthy about your topic.


Do some research on the topic to see if anything strikes you. Just get online and start searching for related information. It’s surprising how easy it is to link almost any topic to a place of personal interest these days with just a little digging. Read up on the subject and make notes about what’s compelling to you.


Hopefully you’ve found something you care about. If not, and you can’t change topics, repeat the process and at least find something you like even if you don’t love it.


If you’re still having trouble, check out our Writing a Presentation area for some ideas about sprucing up a boring or uninteresting topic.


We hope that after following the instructions above, you’re feeling passionate about some aspect of your presentation. With a plan, the right motivators, and some passionate material in mind, it’s time for the next step in your public speaking journey.