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Learn about our mission to help anyone become a great communicator

Our Story

Business execs Erich Walsh and JP Nicolaides created Pspeak to help people find their voices. Coming from diverse backgrounds with a significant focus on communication, JP and Erich watched people struggle with anxiety, stumble through presentations, and lose opportunities—and they wanted to help. Along came the idea for Pspeak. Erich and JP invested countless hours developing and building the concept that would easily help people connect, practice and learn how to communicate.

Pspeak’s unique approach includes live interaction and practice with real time feedback from other users and is designed to build confidence and mastery of communication.

Have a great idea, technique, or story? Share it with the Pspeak community! Need help with approaching your boss for a raise? Want to rise above the rest on those endless Zoom chats? Ready to finally perfect your Spanish? Join PSpeak and make it happen!

How it Works

Say Something

Ask others for help. For instance, choosing a topic for your presentation or finding someone to practice a language or a speech with.

Share your thoughts and knowledge. For example “the best speech I ever heard was” or “when I feel anxiety before a speech I like to.”

Respond + Connect

See what others have to say and write back.

Help by sharing your knowledge or by responding to a practice request.

Connect and engage with people in similar situations. Learn from others who have been there, done that.

Watch Videos

Learn presentation skills and explore presentation situations with helpful videos.

Go Live

Ready to live-stream your presentation?

Find a practice partner or a larger audience for feedback and master it!


Text and call securely within the app.

Join Pspeak. Find your voice!

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